How to Track Donor Recognition Preferences in eTapestry

Category: Best Practices

When it comes to good donor stewardship, honoring a donor’s communication and recognition preferences is critical.

A donor may request to remain anonymous, not be recognized at all, or to have a specific name listed in your annual donor list. As a development professional and relationship builder, you are responsible for taking this request seriously and accurately recording the donor’s preference in your Blackbaud® eTapestry® database.

Types of donor recognition in eTapestry

The default recognition type in eTapestry is a donor’s Account Name. The default is set automatically and requires no action by you (the eTapestry user).

If a donor has special preferences that do not match the Account Name format, eTapestry offers two ways to record these requests:

  • Unique recognition type set globally for the account
  • Unique recognition type set specifically for each transaction

The way you record donor recognition preferences in eTapestry will impact how your data is presented in donor recognition reports. To streamline reporting and maintain consistent, accurate donor data, follow these eTapestry best practices.

1. Recognition type by account (donor)

Your eTapestry database tracks recognition name and account name separately. They are separate for situations where the account name and recognition name are different. You have four choices if you modify an account’s recognition name:

Donor regcognition on eTapestry account

Account donor recognition options in eTapestry

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