Software consulting for busy nonprofits.

Focus on what matters to you, we’ll handle the database—and help you get the most from it.

Software should help.

Too many nonprofits needlessly struggle with their software. Your software should be easy to use and help you do better work with less effort. But setting up and administering a database is tough. That’s why we’re here.

Get results from your software.

We offer products and services that make your software easier to use and more capable. Our clients are tired of wasting time, money, and energy on software tools that aren’t working, so they partner with us to save time, streamline tasks, and gain insight from their software systems.

Professional services to do the heavy lifting.

We are your database Sidekick (consultant), specializing in Social Solutions Apricot™ software, Blackbaud® eTapestry®, Neon One’s NeonCRM, and Bloomerang®. We help new and existing users make the most of their software with a range of professional services for implementation, reporting, consulting, data migration, database audit/cleanup, and integrations.

Blackbaud eTapestry Apricot software for nonprofits

Our Team

Jeffrey Haguewood

Owner and Managing Director — Port Angeles, WA

Most organizations I talk with about their software say the same thing. They aren’t getting all they need. They are paying for great software, but the return just isn’t what they expected. The Sidekick Solutions team was founded to help organizations turn their software into productivity tools. Our goal is to offer reliable, personalized software services from experts you can trust.

Jason Gorczyca

Director, Business Operations — Boca Raton, FL

As a former nonprofit employee, I know that efficient and effective use of technology is critical for your organization to achieve its mission. I use my previous experiences in sales and operations management to ensure we provide you with an exceptional client experience. By identifying roadblocks and removing obstacles, I enable our consultants to focus on key deliverables that keep your projects moving forward.

Ally Seidel

Director, Client Solutions and Senior Consultant — Seattle, WA

As a former development associate, I know what it’s like to feel like you never have enough time to actually work on the software improvements you want: your database is just one of the many hats you wear. As a Sidekick, it’s my role to help you make those projects happen so you can have a system that truly works for you, not the other way around.

Keri Stephens

Director, Practice Development and Senior Consultant — Durham, NC

With a background in the nonprofit sector, I understand the resource constraints that many nonprofits face. I believe that developing strong internal systems is key to increasing efficiency and freeing up those valuable resources, and I am passionate about working with organizations to optimize their systems, track better data, and maximize their impact.

Andy Strickland

Director, IT and DevOps — Macon, GA

I develop and maintain the platforms and services that Sidekick Solutions owns. I am committed to pushing our technology to be the best that it can be - focusing on building, maintaining and improving the security, features, and automation of our services.

Greg Thomas

Director, Data Services and Senior Technical Consultant — Austin, TX

Having worked with non-profit, government and Fortune 100 clients, experience has taught me that no matter the industry technology solutions define an organization’s success and longevity. As the pool of solutions deepens and compliance/funding requirements continue to change, my focus on architecting and delivering software integrations, data migrations and reporting mechanisms has empowered countless organizations to understand and extract unprecedented value from their data.

Zareen Hansotia

Senior Consultant — Chicago, IL

I know that organizations are passionate about their mission but do not always have the same enthusiasm for administering software. As a Social Worker that has built a career in technology, I enjoy designing systems to monitor client progress and report on outcomes, helping to bridge the gap between the requirements of your service delivery model and needs for technology systems.

Josh Gohlike

Senior Technical Consultant, Enterprise Services — Cleveland, OH

Making the most of a database can feel like a daunting challenge. I’ve been there. I was unexpectedly assigned to manage a database that was in desperate need of a tune up. I’ve seen first hand what good systems design and positive user experience can do to support an organization’s mission. I enjoy working with organizations to improve their systems and sharing insights from my own journey with nonprofit software.

Jessie Gilchrist

Manager, CRM Services and Senior Consultant — Port Angeles, WA

Working in a database and reviewing data quality aren’t often at the top of most people’s favorites list, but I enjoy the challenge and rigor of database administration and systems design. My curiosity drives me to uncover what is or isn’t working so we can find automations and improvements that help make the most of your software tools.

Matt Collins

Product Manager, Zapier Integrations and Senior Developer — Atlanta, GA

As senior developer, I take the needs of our customers and translate them into a custom piece of software that fits your needs exactly. A true team player, I am dedicated to an efficient, streamlined experience for our customers and team. Software can have limitations, and I work to fill the gap that makes your company efficient and successful.

Jessi Engelke

Senior Consultant — Austin, TX

As a former non-profit leader and AmeriCorps alumna, I know how important non-profit services are to our communities and how challenging it can be to capture quality data about those services. As a former grant-writer, I understand how important data is to funders and how intricate reporting requirements can be. As a current Sidekick Solutions team member, I work alongside clients to develop lasting solutions to support their data capture and reporting needs, and celebrate their success along the way.

Adam Zwierzynski

Technical Consultant — Granger, IN

As an organization’s data footprint grows, it is often necessary to adopt new technologies in order to effectively leverage their data. Having come from the healthcare industry, I have experience in navigating clients through the complex process of defining data retention requirements and assisting them in successfully capturing those data elements across multiple systems. Through strategic planning, and proficiencies in data reporting, migration, integration, and implementation we provide solutions that support our clients in accomplishing their mission.

Grace McKelvy

Solutions Consultant — Kirkland, WA

My favorite part of serving organizations doing meaningful work is delivering systems and improvements that enhance efficiency, spotlight success, and fit your specific needs. As your Sidekick, my goal is maximizing the time you can spend making a difference and ensuring accurate data that proves the value of your efforts.

Brett Eggers

Cloud Engineer — Atlanta, GA

I work on the maintenance of the systems that Sidekick Solutions uses to provide the best service possible to our clients. I also assist in developing and growing new technologies and systems to help improve our ability to provide for our customers. With a focus on streamlining our processes and improving security, I hope to help drive Sidekick Solutions ability to be the place customers seek for their integration and software needs.

Connor Burke

Technical Consultant — Dallas, TX

I have diverse consulting experience involving data engineering, cloud architecture, software development, and automation. I believe that it is important to build a professional relationship with the client to understand their needs through transparent communication and collaboration. As a technical consultant, I am committed to equipping your organization with an efficient and user friendly software platform with the ultimate goal of addressing any need in the world of data.

Bekah Russell

Technical Consultant — Las Vegas, NV

I’ve had the pleasure of working with various non-profit organizations doing everything data related: from data migration, report development, data warehousing, and BI. I joined Sidekick Solutions because I believe that through my work, I can make a real impact for non-profits and the communities they serve. I’m passionate about data and helping organizations leverage their data in a meaningful way.

Lauren Kenning

Operations Associate — Fort Collins, CO

I have seen first hand how implementing the right systems can completely change the game for an organization. With a background in the arts, I thrive in fast-paced environments where collaboration is key and every detail matters. My project management experience includes startups, large marketing agencies and in development in the nonprofit sector.

Rebecca Tarquino

Associate Solutions Consultant — Philadelphia, PA

As a former Donor Management Specialist, I know first hand how important it is to enter clean data to receive clean reporting. As a consultant here at Sidekick Solutions, I work alongside clients to ensure the creation of a functioning and logically sound database, while making it easy to enter and obtain the information the client's need, when they need it. Facing those obstacles of who and when and how your users enter and use the system can take a lot of coordination and understanding, which is not always easy. You don't have to take on this project alone; together we can make sure that your work is more productive than ever, and all it takes is a sidekick to get you there.

Leo Patrician

Associate Technical Consultant — Washington, D.C.

In a world where technology is fast advancing, it only seems right that the systems you use should make your life easier. With my background in political organizations and housing non-profits, I know the difference between a database that facilitates your work and feeling like your tools are holding you back. I am committed to finding technical solutions for your organization and helping you get more out of the software you use every day.

Aleks Garibay

Associate Solutions Consultant — Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to my lifelong fascination with technology, my professional experience has been built on a foundation of connecting people with the tools they need to make a difference for others. As a consultant, I provide creative and adaptive solutions towards building efficient and effective database systems for the organizations that we serve.

Lexie Follett

Associate Solutions Consultant — Madison, WI

I come to Sidekick Solutions with a background implementing electronic medical records for large healthcare organizations, as well as a passion for community service and the non-profit world. I have a knack for problem solving and I love finding new ways to use technology to help you service your community and further your mission.


We’re a small team helping nonprofit organizations get the most from their software. We value service, attention to detail, a willingness to learn, and a focus on producing results and solutions for our clients. Our remote team and flexible work schedule are great for self-starters that take pride in their work. We support opportunities for professional development and growth, and offer an open culture for you to share your ideas and contribute to the team.

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