eTapestry Login, 5 Options for Quick Access

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Blackbaud® eTapestry® is a great donor management software and fundraising system because it is accessible 24/7, it is continuously managed and updated by Blackbaud, and your data is backed up regularly.  However, finding the Blackbaud eTapestry login page can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have it saved anywhere.

You can access the eTapestry login page by clicking the link below or read on and learn how to make signing into eTapestry software quick and easy.

Click here for the eTapestry login page.

Searching online or digging through Blackbaud’s website to find the eTapestry login page are time consuming tasks, so frequent eTapestry users need options to quickly access their eTapestry systems.  This post outlines five great options!

Note: The setup for the options described below will vary based on your computer’s operating system and browser.

1. Desktop Shortcut

If you want the eTapestry login page to act like any other application on your computer, then create a shortcut for the login page on your desktop.

A shortcut is an icon that exists on your desktop.  For an online application like eTapestry, a shortcut will open a new browser window and open the web address (URL) programmed for that shortcut.  If you set the web address as the eTapestry website login, then clicking on the shortcut will open a new browser window for eTapestry.

Create a desktop shortcut by dragging a favorite from your browser to your computer’s desktop.  If you are on a Windows computer, you can right click and select “New -> Shortcut” to create a desktop shortcut manually.

2. Favorites

Favorites are saved web pages that are categorized and archived in your browser’s favorite’s list.  Save a web page as a favorite to add it to your favorites library.  The process to create a favorite will vary based on the browser you use.

Compared to the desktop shortcut option, this option requires more steps to get to the eTapestry sign in page.  However, marking the login page as a favorite is a good option for those that don’t like a cluttered desktop.

At a minimum, you should save the eTapestry login page as a favorite in your browser.

3. Bookmarks Bar

Most modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox have a feature called a “Bookmarks Bar” or a “Bookmarks Toolbar.”  Let’s call it the “Bookmarks Bar” for the purpose of this post.

The Bookmarks Bar exists beneath the address bar in your browser and displays favorite web pages specifically designated for the Bookmarks Bar.  The Bookmarks Bar is customizable to show any favorites you want.  Easy access is the primary advantage of the Bookmarks Bar over the favorites library.

You can add favorites to the Bookmarks Bar by dragging and dropping them, or you can add favorites to the Bookmarks Bar in the favorites manager of your browser (there is a place where you can flag favorites to show on the Bookmarks Bar).

4. Pin Tab

Both Chrome and Firefox have the ability to “Pin” tabs within the browser window.  Pinning a tab creates a smaller more manageable tab in the browser window.  This “Pinned” tab cannot be closed without unpinning the tab and then closing the tab.

A “Pinned” tab remains in the browser when the primary browser window (with the pinned tab) is closed and then reopened.  A pinned tab is a permanent browser tab.

You can pin a tab by right clicking on a browser tab and selecting “Pin Tab.”

A pinned tab is like a glorified bookmark.  It is a combination of a browser tab and a browser bookmark (or favorite).  Pinning eTapestry as a browser tab is more user friendly than other options if you are in and out of eTapestry multiple times throughout the day.

This is my recomended solution for eTapestry power users!

5. Browser Homepage

The final option is to make the eTapestry login page the “Home” page for your browser.  The browser home page is the web page that is displayed when you open a new browser window or a new browser tab.

Many browsers set a search engine as the browser home page by default, but you can customize this setting.  Go into the browser settings to customize your browser home page.

Personally, this would be the least desirable of the five options because I prefer a search engine as my browser’s home page.  However, it is a viable option if you want eTapestry front and center whenever a new browser window or tab are opened.

How to Save the eTapestry Login as a Shortcut

Watch this 5-minute video and learn how to quickly access the Blackbaud® eTapestry® login page.

Learn how to:

  1. Bookmark the eTapestry login page in your browser
  2. Add the eTapestry login page as a shortcut to your browser’s Bookmarks Bar
  3. Open the eTapestry login page automatically every time you open your browser

Stop searching for the eTapestry login URL.  Use the step-by-step instructions in this video to set up timesaving eTapestry shortcuts.


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