About This Guide

There are many social work case management software systems to choose from. It can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for your organization.

With endless variety, options, and alternatives, it might be easy to pick one, but it is hard to pick the "right" one.

As a decision maker or leader of your organization’s software selection process, you want to mitigate the risk of selecting the “wrong” system so your organization can fully invest in the “right” system.

You can increase your chances of finding the "right" case management software by carrying out a disciplined selection process.

This guide walks through each step of an intentional software selection process, offering tips and best practices along the way.

We hope that you are able to use this guide to make a smart software purchasing decision and find the best social work case management software for your nonprofit organization.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for any staff member, volunteer, board member, or consultant at a nonprofit organization that is looking for new social work case management software.

The strategies and tactics in this guide will help you navigate the software selection process whether this is your first time finding new software or you’ve been through a software selection process before.

Who is Sidekick Solutions?

We help nonprofits of all sizes and types find, set up, and get the most from social work case management software. We are consultants and experts for Social Solutions Apricot™ software, a social work case management and nonprofit database software system.

We are sharing this free guide as a resource to help you make a smart and informed software purchasing decision. We hope that you find it useful! Keep us in mind if you have questions about social work case management software.