Case Study: eTapestry Eventbrite Integration with Zapier [Video]

In the video below, we showcase a Zapier-enabled integration between Eventbrite and eTapestry (and Mailchimp).

We often get asked how integrations work in real settings, with real organizations, in a day-to-day scenario. Today, we’re sharing an integration that Generosity Feeds uses to automate data entry of Eventbrite attendee registrations and check-ins in eTapestry. On top of that, we will dive into how Generosity Feeds uses the same integration to segment subscriber data in Mailchimp.

Generosity Feeds is a nonprofit working to feed hungry children in every county across America. They believe that all children should have the opportunity to thrive and food security is key. Generosity Feeds comes alongside businesses, schools, and churches to help groups plan meal creation events that feed children in their community, and they lead these events with great efficiency and scale.

In recent years, Generosity Feeds has experienced significant growth and could no longer manually manage event data in eTapestry. Even exporting data from Eventbrite and importing it to eTapestry was a burden. As the organization scaled operations, they also needed automated communication workflows to notify and coordinate with event registrants and attendees. With multiple events happening simultaneously across the country, segmenting Mailchimp lists manually proved extremely difficult. Their eTapestry database wasn’t enabling their work. That’s when Generosity Feeds started looking for an automated solution.

Zapier-enabled integration between Eventbrite, eTapestry, and Mailchimp with custom mapping, conditional logic, and automated workflow now supports their event efforts.

Automating the flow of data from Eventbrite to eTapestry and then to MailChimp has allowed Generosity Feeds to spend more time focused on its mission and assisting community groups. Additionally, automating these workflows increased data quality and consistency across all three applications.


Prior to working with Sidekick Solutions we were spending approximately 20 hours a week pulling volunteer lists from Eventbrite and manually entering and categorizing data into eTapestry. On top of that, we were adding each list into MailChimp for communication purposes. Our admin team was strapped managing data records and keeping each platform in sync.

Working with the team at Sidekick Solutions we were able to pull volunteers directly from Eventbrite into eTapestry and MailChimp. We have freed up team time to focus on growing our volunteer base and providing concise communication.

As with any technology, there are moments when glitches occur. When our events come online, people register in mass. This sometimes has overloaded the Wrapper. I’ve been impressed with how quickly Sidekick has given attention to correcting this and getting us back online.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Sidekick team. They have taken our needs and found efficient and timely solutions to keep us moving forward and focused on mission and people.

– Stefani Klabunde, VP of Mission Management at Generosity Feeds




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