Zapier FAQs for Bonterra Case Management (Apricot) Automations

Sidekick Solutions’ Zapier connector for Apricot leverages the Bonterra Impact Management (fka Apricot) API to enable inbound and outbound integration flows and automations. By automating tasks and the flow of data between apps your organization uses day to day, you can save time, resources, energy, and more.

Zapier is an integration platform that enables connections to 7,000+ other apps, including Bonterra Impact Management. With the Sidekick Solutions Zapier Connector for Bonterra Impact Management, you can build Do-It-Yourself workflows and self-manage your data automations in and out of Bonterra Impact Management. Services are also available for organizations who are new to Zapier and want support configuring or maintaining their automations.

This post answers frequently asked questions about Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot) integrations, automation use cases, and Zapier.

For more ideas and information about the Zapier connector for Bonterra Impact Management, take a look at this webinar.

What is Zapier?
Zapier is a workflow automation tool that designs integrations using steps. Zapier automations are like blocks, each block is a task in the integration workflow.

A single integration workflow is called a Zap. Zaps start with a trigger and then proceed to complete one or many actions.

What is a trigger?
A trigger is an event in your source app. When the event happens, the trigger starts a Zap. Each trigger event starts a Zap to run and complete a subsequent set of actions.

Automations from Bonterra Impact Management can start a Zap based on the following data entry events:

  • New Record
  • Updated Record
  • New or Updated Record

How long does it take my Zap to trigger?
The time it takes for a trigger to run in Zapier will depend on your Zapier plan. Triggers run close to real-time.

  • Free and Starter: 15 minutes
  • Professional: 2 minutes
  • Team and Company: 1 minute

What is an action?
An action is an event a Zap performs after it is triggered. It can be helpful to think of an action like a task. If you were to complete the steps of the Zap manually, each step in the Zap would be a task that you would be required to do.

Zapier is automating that process by completing those same manual steps in an automated way.

Generally speaking, when we are talking about actions, we are talking about writing data into a target app.

When sending data to Bonterra Impact Management, there are four actions available:

  • Create Record
  • Update Record
  • Add Attachment
  • Delete Record

The Zapier app also includes search actions, which are essential to many Zaps, especially those that create Tier 2 records in the document folder. A search in Zapier finds an existing record and, in some cases, may allow for the creation of a new record if none are found.

The Zapier app includes the following searches:

  • Find Record (by searchable or duplicate check fields)
  • Find Record by ID
  • Find Many Records (with line item support)

What does Zapier integrate with?
You can browse available apps in Zapier’s directory.

Sidekick Solutions’ Zapier app for Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot) is a private, invite only app. You will not see it listed in Zapier’s public app directory. Contact us to learn more about pricing and access.

What are common apps that integrate with Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot)?
Our Zapier connector is currently deployed with Bonterra Impact Management and integrated via Zapier with Airtable, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, QuickBooks Online, Square, QRTiger, Google Forms, HubSpot, Slack, Outlook Calendar, Gmail, JotForm, Asana, Twilio, Eventbrite, PoolPass, bLoyal, BHN Rewards, HelloSign, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Mailgun, CodeReadr, Phaxio (eFax), Square and others.

Sidekick Solutions offers integration connections on Zapier and other automation platforms to support Apricot-to-Apricot, Salesforce, Yardi, RealPage, Emphasys Elite, PowerSchool, Qualifacts CareLogic, Tebra Medical Billing, State of TX DFPS, MdRhythm, ASQ Online, and CalOptima Connect. Our customers also use our Proxy API service for Apricot to integrate other Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) like Zapier to Apricot, including Workato, Microsoft Power Automate/Apps, Google Cloud, Informatica Cloud, AWS Lambda.

What are common automation use cases for Apricot to Apricot automation?
Zapier enables Apricot to Apricot automations so that your users spend less time on clicks and paperwork.

Common use cases include:

  • Push-based auto-populate
  • Auto-log a case note/service when other forms are filled out
  • Alert/task creation for follow-up and supervisor escalation tickets
  • Consent form and/or follow-up assessment auto-send
  • Post web form submission to the document folder
  • Program RLA access assignment (based on field selection rather than Program RLA selection)
  • Move attachments to central eFile
  • Create the next assessment as a placeholder with a due date

See our webinar on Zapier automations for Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot) for a deeper dive of common use cases.

Is there a cost to use the Zapier app for Bonterra Impact Management?
Yes, there is an annual license fee for use of the app. Contact us to learn more about pricing and access.

How do I get started with automations in Zapier for Bonterra Impact Management?
Contact us to sign up for the Zapier app for Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot).

Do we have to hire Sidekick Solutions to configure our automations, or can we set up our own?
After signing up for the Zapier app, you can configure your own flows in Zapier DIY. We also offer configuration packages for those who would like help. Contact us for more information on configuration services.

How much does Zapier cost?
Zapier offers different subscription levels based on the number of tasks your automations need. A task is a successful action (step), following the trigger in your automation. Certain Zapier utilities are free (do not use any tasks). Click here to learn more about Zapier tasks and pricing.

Zapier offers a 15% discount for non-profit organizations. Click here to apply.

Are Zapier integrations HIPPA Compliant?
Learn more about Zapier Security here. Sidekick Solutions is not a data processor in your use of our Zapier connector. The Zapier connector exists on the Zapier platform and connects directly to your Bonterra Impact Management site via API authentication and API endpoint requests.

Can we set up automations between two different Tier 1 forms?
Yes, the Zapier app can automate flows between Tier 1 and Tier 2 forms in Bonterra Impact Management.

How is this different from the existing rules and alerts triggers in Bonterra Impact Management?
Zapier enables other automation use cases that cannot be accomplished via rules and alerts triggers. For example, writing data into Impact Management, updating existing records, and adding attachments, as well as applying conditional logic based on certain characteristics of new/updated records (e.g., taking an action based on a filtered set of criteria or taking separate or parallel paths based on criteria).

Are Enrollments and Appointments under Tier 1 records accessible via Zapier the same way that Tier 2 forms would be?
No. The Enrollments and Appointments modules in Bonterra Impact Management are not supported. Triggers and actions in the app work for Tier 1 and Tier 2 forms only. There are capabilities for using Connect with Zapier, specifically automating the creation of a Participant’s Connect account or sending a link for a Participant to complete a form.

Does Zapier allow Bonterra Impact Management to talk with Every Action?
Every Action has an app in Zapier’s directory (see here), opening avenues for automation with Bonterra Impact Management using Zapier.

Can we use the Zapier app to offer forms in multiple languages?
Zapier automations can be deployed to centralize responses to forms in many languages in a single Tier 2 form in the document folder in Bonterra Impact Management. This solution is based on the use of masked fields with back end values to ensure universal mapping from the form for language to Apricot. We prefer Jotform and would be happy to discuss the configuration with you, contact us to discuss options.

Can Bonterra Impact Management be integrated with an HMIS system?
Integration is dependent on the HMIS system. We generally do not recommend Zapier as the middleware solution for HMIS integration. We have other tools we can recommend. Contact us to discuss your use case further and explore alternative integration options.

Can Bonterra Impact Management be integrated with an EHR system or medical billing?
Generally EHR systems are not available in Zapier’s app directory. Sidekick Solutions has other avenues for integration. Contact us to discuss your use case further and explore alternative integration options.

Does the Zapier app work for ETO or Penelope?
No, the Zapier app only supports the Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot 360 and Apricot Core) product.

Who is Sidekick Solutions and what is your relationship with Zapier?
Sidekick Solutions is a Zapier Certified Expert. We are also a Zapier app developer. We developed the Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot) connector for Zapier. We also help customers set up and maintain their Zaps on the Zapier platform. You can learn more about our services on our Zapier Expert Reviews page or contact us.

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