Offline Forms Entry for Apricot 360 [Video]

Use Apricot when you’re not connected to the Internet. This video showcases offline forms for Apricot using a third-party application, like Device Magic. Offline form entry with Apricot enables your case managers to complete forms in the field and post the submissions to Apricot when connectivity is restored on the device. Leverage Device Magic’s dispatch functionality to push pre-filled forms for validation and completion in the field.

Sidekick Solutions supports your integration with offline forms to enable unlimited submissions from your case managers in the field. This solution can be configured for custom branding, workflow, and field options.

  • Use your mobile device to complete Apricot forms
  • Push form assignments to your teams to complete in online or offline settings
  • Fill out partial or completed forms to match with Apricot participants
  • Sign, take pictures, and customize offline forms to match your documentation requirements

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