Compliance Reporting in Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot) [Case Study]

This post is a summary of the linked case study about Catholic Social Services’ (CSS) of Anchorage, AK implementation of Bonterra Impact Management (fka Apricot by Social Solutions Global, Inc.). Sidekick Solutions was the contractor for initial implementation and continues to support CSS’s expansion of the solution.


Catholic Social Services utilizes Bonterra Impact Management to standardize case management, meet compliance requirements and pull vital data quickly. CSS is the largest provider of homelessness services in Anchorage, AK, offering a diverse range of programs. Validated data has become a powerful tool in demonstrating how CSS programs impact vulnerable populations and people in need, providing evidence for its work to expand.

CSS handles multiple aspects of a participant’s transition to stability, including securing housing and accessing mental health services. Prior to the adoption of Bonterra Impact Management, the organization was not able to electronically document their case management work. This made tracking outcomes time-consuming and difficult.

Looking to expand participation with Medicaid, efficient and accurate data reporting became even more important. Customizable reporting was needed to support seamless access to information when federal reporting requirements changed—including data required for Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Health and Human Services (HHS), and Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).


CSS selected Bonterra Impact Management (fka Apricot). The implementation of Bonterra Impact Management focused on custom, configurable dashboards and program features to support users in gaining end-to-end views of meaningful data in order to pivot quickly to meet participant needs and maintain service quality.

Sidekick Solutions was the contractor responsible for initial implementation and configuration of the Bonterra Impact Management (fka Apricot) platform. Initial implementation included requirements discovery, design, configuration, user acceptance testing, and deployment services in collaboration with the CSS system administrators and program delivery stakeholders.

Sidekick Solutions used the full suite of customization tools in the Bonterra Impact Management (Apricot 360) platform, including back-end SQL functionality and conditional rules to support tracking of participant data, case information and planning, and delivery.

Confidential protections were implemented, when needed, allowing Bonterra Impact Management to remain a single source of thrush about participants across many programs, including:

  • Homeless Services
    • Case Management
    • Shelters
    • Veteran’s Services (SSVF)
    • Medical Respite
    • Resource and Navigation Center
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Family Disability Services
  • Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services, including
    • RSS
    • ORR-6

The ability to pull data quickly has been a game-changer for many departments at CSS. Bonterra Impact Management has empowered staff to access accurate, timely information on program impact and community outcomes to tell the story of how CSS is making a difference every day. When the media has questions, public officials need facts, funders want information, or partners request insights, Bonterra Impact Management is the engine that helps effortlessly pull relevant information together. The solution design enables reporting of critical outcomes and customization to streamline reporting for both internal and external stakeholders,

Being in control of data has enabled CSS to show how they successfully transition adults and families to more stable futures. Using standard data collection and quality assurance methods, CSS can align information across multiple channels while meeting the stringent reporting requirements of government agencies. And, improved reporting for funders has allowed CSS to submit more grant applications, increasing funding possibilities that the organization was not able to previously pursue, including two new grants related to education around COVID-19 and health.


  • Platform actively supports 208 users across 13 program services and allows for case management and data collection on over 200 data collection forms
  • Refugee Services deployed in 90-days to achieve a reporting deadline, decreasing report run time from 20 hours to 5 minutes
  • Implementation of the Family Disability Services Program on Bonterra Impact Management reduced Medicaid reporting time by 75% and expanded billable services
  • Migration of data, users and processes from Legacy case management (housed in HMIS) to Bonterra Impact Management reducing new staff onboarding time by 72 hours; users can enter data on day 1
  • Strengthened relationship between healthcare providers and hospitals, and organizations providing homelessness services through a robust, digital referral and intake process
  • Supported agency growth with rapid deployment of Bonterra Impact Management for new programs including additional shelter locations, a resource and navigation center, and behavioral health services

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